Christina Samira is a ceramic artist and craftswoman.

In early 2022, she opened her own studio in the 15th district of Vienna, where her ceramic production takes place, as well as private workshops for those interested in pottery.

The relationship between Christina Samira and clay is an intimate one. It’s rumored to last a lifetime. It began in 2015 through a chance encounter in Vienna and has since deepened through her work in a large pottery studio in Amsterdam, a ceramic school in Brussels and a residency in Latvia.

What makes this relationship so stable is the fascination with the material and its properties. Working with clay requires complete attention and patience, while at the same time tending to let the notion of time and space disappear. And that’s exactly what makes clay such a good teacher for many skills that our fast-paced life often doesn’t value as much. Anyone who would like to experience this marvel for themselves is very welcome to attend a workshop. Whether on the potter’s wheel or modeling by hand, clay has so many sides to discover.

Christina Samira’s ceramic products are handmade, each one is unique. They should sweeten everyday life and turn even the smallest moments into pleasurable ones. Each piece was created with the conviction that the energy during creation is stored deep in the piece and can be drawn from it every day when it is used.

And the most beautiful moments are those when customers actively perceive them:

„I just wanted to affirm that every time I use your pottery I feel so held. Like I can feel the love and intention in your art.”


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